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Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the south of the Iberian Peninsular. The Strait of Gibraltar separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean Sea. With an area of just 6.7 sq km (2.6 sq mi), the Rock is densely populated with around 30,000 people.

Basking in 300 days of sunshine a year, Gibraltar is one of the most unique places in the Mediterranean. Its attractive tax system lures many multi millionaires to this self-governing territory. Anyone with £2 million net assets who buys an approved property for their exclusive residential use and hasn't lived in Gibraltar within five years may qualify for the prestigious Category 2 status, resulting in paying no greater than £24,500 on their worldwide income. Property in Gibraltar is sought after and remains a good investment, particularly for discerning clients look for luxury properties with Category 2 status.

Known colloquially as The Rock, Gibraltar is often referred to as ‘Britain in the Sun’ and maintains many proud British traditions. The Union flag is seen everywhere, you can find Marks and Spencers on Main Street, the telephone and post boxes are red and fish and chips are part of everyday life. There’s plenty to see and do in Gibraltar.

Casemates Square is nestled at the bottom of the Rock sees thousands of people pass through every day, many of them from the cruise ships that stop in Gibraltar overnight. With Casemates Square offering duty free shops as well as a rich history, there’s no wonder visitors from the ships usually make it their first stop.

A short walk from Casemates Square takes you to Ocean Village marina resort with 300 berths. Ocean Village is home to some of the most sought-after bars and restaurants in town, as well as the Casino Admiral - the only casino in Gibraltar. Standing proudly beside the casino is The Sunborn, the world's only 5 star 'super-yacht' hotel. Ocean Village is made up by both office and residential buildings and the apartments surrounding the marina are some of the most luxurious homes Gibraltar has to offer.

Gibraltarians are known for their patriotism, celebrating their own official national day every year on September 10. The day celebrates the territory’s first sovereignty referendum held on the same day in 1967, where Gibraltarians voted whether to pass under Spanish sovereignty or remain under British sovereignty with self-government. On National Day, Gibraltarians traditionally wear their flag’s colours: red and white.

Gibraltar is most famed for what lies high above the town: the nature reserve known as the Upper Rock. The Upper Rock is home to several historic attractions, including St. Michael’s Cave and the Siege Tunnels. You’ll also find Gibraltar’s most famous inhabitants here at the ape sanctuary; home to the hundreds of Barbary macaques. The nature reserve also attracts hundreds of thousands of migratory birds that travel over the Rock every single year on their way to Africa.

At the southern end of Gibraltar is Europa Point, looking over the Mediterranean sea and on clear days you can see the African coastline. Europa Point is also home to the bay from which Admiral Lord Nelson’s body was brought ashore when he was killed during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The South District is less densely populated than other parts of Gibraltar and here you will find some of the most exclusive and historic properties for sale.

While the official language of Gibraltar is English, many residents are bilingual, also speaking Spanish. With its many diverse cultural communities, it’s not uncommon to hear other languages spoken such as Berber and Arabic, as well as Hebrew in the Jewish community. This said, Gibraltarians often converse in a language known locally as “Llanito”, a mix of Andalusian Spanish and British English, with Gibraltarians switching between the two languages mid-sentence.

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