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Just off the Valencian coastline is the cosmopolitan island of Ibiza, the perfect destination to enjoy the finer things in life. With everything on offer from exquisite restaurants, designer shops and exclusive events to the natural beauties such as the crystal clear waters, stunning beaches and beautiful countryside, Ibiza really does have it all.

The world-famous Nikki Beach opened their first venue in Ibiza in 2013 and quickly became one of the most exclusive and talked about opening events of the year. The beach club has now become a hotspot for seafront dining, exclusive parties and creative cocktails.

One of the most interesting dining experiences on this Balearic island has to be at Lio Ibiza. A combination of live Burlesque performers, musicians and acrobats with exquisite food, Lio Ibiza has revolutionised the simple act of going to dinner. The list of fine dining experiences would not be complete without Cipriani, one of Ibiza’s most exclusive hangout spots for the island’s wealthiest of clients.

Ibiza is retail heaven for shopping lovers, with high-end stores and famous designer boutiques everywhere you turn. reVOLVER is one of Ibiza's most famous clothing boutiques and features a mix of well-known and emerging designers within.

Ibiza’s yachting facilities attract some of the most impressive boats and superyachts in the Mediterranean. Marina Ibiza offers incredible facilities and received a 5 Blue Star Marina by the International Marine Certification Institute.

Known as one of the island’s most exclusive and upmarket marinas, Marina Botafoch welcomes the luxury yachts of the rich and famous. Located on the north shore of the Port of Ibiza, this marina combines the exclusivity of its design with elegant functionality, and offers a wide selection of high-end bars, restaurants and clubs.

Once outside the hustle and bustle of Ibiza town, the island’s natural wonders are endless. The northern part of the island is peaceful and tranquil, making it a popular area with families.

Just off the southwest coast of the island is what is most-likely Ibiza’s most famous landmark: Es Vedra. The rock of Es Vedra is a highly magnetic rock due to its high concentration of metals and minerals. The uninhabited island has been the subject of myths and legends for centuries, such as being home to sirens and the belief that there is a secret UFO base under the sea. At 413 metres of height, Es Vedra is the perfect place to see the magical sunrise and sunsets in Ibiza.

The neighbouring Balearic island of Formentera is the Mediterranean’s best kept secret. Unlike Ibiza, Formentera doesn’t have any nightclubs, instead preserving much of its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere. The beaches are made up of beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters. Formentera is a big hit amongst outdoor enthusiasts due to its remote cycling and hiking trails combined with its relaxed beaches.

Ibiza’s unique combination of the international jetset lifestyle with its natural beauty, this Balearic is now attracting investment on a global scale. New luxury villas and developments, a superyacht marina and wall-to-wall designer boutiques are just a few of the things that are putting Ibiza on the map for investors around the world. Some of the most breathtakingly beautiful and luxury villas can be found in Ibiza, set amongst the stunning hills and countryside.

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