Global luxury real estate market to see growth in 2014

Some say the real estate market can be divided into two categories; the luxury real estate market, then everything else. Butterfly Residential founded in 2012 is a web based family-based property company specialising in sales and rental in luxury residential properties.

With a luxury property portfolio spanning three continents, Butterfly Residential has targeted locations where ‘High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI)’ are choosing to invest their capital in the property market. In 2012 the high end of the luxury property market saw record breaking sales driven by HNWI, though the market has limited supply these individuals continue to invest their capital in properties as second homes or part of a larger international portfolio of real estate. While the global economic situation is sprouting green shoots of recovery the sales of luxury high end real estate are continuing to capture the headlines and public interest all over the world. The luxury real estate market is in fact very small, with London topping the list of available properties priced over the  £1,000,000 mark with New York coming in significantly behind in third place. When considering buying or investing in high end real estate, factors such as location and lifestyle can be just as important as the price. Specialising in locations such as London, Marbella and Barbados Butterfly Residential are covering both these important factors. London ranks in the top 10 cities where HNWI are choosing to buy high end luxury properties as an investment as the value of such real estate has continued to rise despite the economic situation, while Marbella and Barbados are in the top 10 locations where HNWI choose to buy properties as second homes or holiday homes where the lifestyle factor is a major consideration. While there is a lot of speculation that the real estate sector is likely to see a reverse of fortune in 2013, there are also many voices claiming otherwise, however the Luxury Real Estate market has been kept buoyant with a lot of international capital flowing in. Russians have been investing in real estate in London and Marbella throughout the economic downturn which in some ways has kept the sector afloat, and the trend looks set to continue throughout 2013 and into 2014.

About Butterfly Residential

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Butterfly Residential are market leaders in the luxury real estate sector with exclusive properties for sale and luxury properties for rent in some of the finest locations across the world.

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