Top Things to do in Barbados

It seems most of the UK’s celebrities choose Barbados as their hideaway over the Christmas period. With home-grown stars such as Rihanna naturally vacationing there, as well as international names such as Mark Wahlberg and Simon Cowell as well as a whole host of footballers and minor pop stars! Rihanna In Barbados

Obviously, the turquoise blue seas and white sandy beaches, as well as the perfect temperatures and sunshine are a huge draw at this time of the year, apart from being snapped on the beach by paparazzi though, what else is there to do on this beautiful island? Here at Butterfly Residential we’ve rounded up some of our top Barbados ideas for things to do. Enjoy a sunset walk on the Barbados Boardwalk. Located on the southern coast of the Island, not only does it offer some of the best sunsets in the Caribbean, but it also offers a quieter and more romantic atmosphere away from the parties. Enjoy a quiet round of golf. Barbados is home to many fine golf courses and one of the most popular golf destinations in the Caribbean. Read more about the world class golf courses on the island. Visit Harrison’s Cave, a unique wonder, located in the uplands in the middle of the island. Full of spectacular stalactites and stalagmites as well as crystal clear pools of water, a trip to Harrison’s Cave is a wonderful experience. Of course, if all of the above is a   bit too energetic, then there are always miles of sandy beaches and quiet beach bars with which to watch the sun go down with a cocktail (and maybe a celebrity or too). Sunset Cocktails in Barbados Contact Butterfly Residential for more information on our properties for sale in Barbados.

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